FileTea: quickly share your files

transfer_compI have mentioned the file sharing web service FileTea in one of my earlier articles. But FileTea deserves a separate article for the simplicity with which it solves a very commonplace problem:

I am working on my VM where I don’t have a regular GUI environment. I want to share a file from my system quickly. While the reverse is easy because the Koding VM also runs a HTTP server all the time it is up, uploading a file to the VM means I have to start the FTP server (if it is not up) and then upload the file using gFTP or the regular cmdline. Otherwise I have to upload the file to a service like Dropbox and then use the public link to download the file to the VM using axel or wget.

FileTea makes the whole deal a child’s play with its simple interface to add files. It doesn’t upload the files to the server, it just gives you a URL to the file on your disk using which anyone can download the file from anywhere. So you do not need an extra software to upload the file. The service is anonymous and you get to download the file as long as the page is open in your browser. If the source file on your system is moved or deleted it can’t be accessed anymore. The web interface shows you any files uploaded and any downloads ongoing or completed. And as you might have guessed already, there is no file size limit as you do not store it on any third-party server.

That’s as good as running a file server without running an actual server software on your local machine as long as you need it to run!¬†You can host FileTea on your local machine also. The source code is here and FileTea is available by default in the Ubuntu repositories.

Webpage: FileTea

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