Et tu, Raring?


Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (13.04) is definitely the best OS I have used till date. I installed it on my laptops when it was in an early development stage and I never had the same feeling of satisfaction working on any other OS since. To keep it ultra-lightweight as well as fast I installed LXDE and preload on it and the awesome speed continues to save a little of my time each day. I also have Jupiter running on it to keep regulate the core temperature. Raring made me realize the bright sides of stability over bleeding edge.

Now that there won’t be any more support cum security updates for 13.04 from 27 Jan, 2014 and users are encouraged to upgrade to Saucy I am torn in indecision. Do I continue to use Raring as I do (and violate all principles of security) or just bid my faithful friend adieu?

The only consolation is that in case my heart wins over my sense of logic, I might have to tread in troubled waters till 25 Apr, 2014 when the next the Ubuntu LTS release Trusty Tahr will be available. And it will be supported for 5 years.


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