Jekyll: create a webpage on GitHub

jekyll_compJekyll is another solution similar to Pancake that can generate a static webpage from plain text or html. The webpage or blog can then be hosted in GitHub where the pages are actually powered by Jekyll. Features:

  • Super simple and no-frills
  • Supports Markdown, Liquid, HTML and CSS
  • Supports static blogs with all bog artifacts like categories, pages, posts, layout options…
  • Doesn’t need extra hosting. Your content can be hosted on GitHub.
  • Supports Linux and Mac. Windows supported unofficially.
  • Available in synaptic on Ubuntu.

To install Jekyll on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install jekyll

Quick start commands:

$ gem install jekyll
$ jekyll new my-awesome-site
$ cd my-awesome-site
$ jekyll serve

Open http://localhost:4000 in browser.

Webpage: Jekyll

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