Useful tools on Ubuntu (E)

ubuntu_logo_81x81This post covers the utilities that start with E. Part of the series.

  1. easygit (Version Control Systems) : A single-file wrapper script for git, designed to make git easy to learn and use.
  2. easytag (Multimedia) : Utility for viewing, editing and writing the ID3 tags of different audio files using a GTK+ interface. Supports popular audio formats.
  3. eboard (Games and Amusement) : Chess front-end that supports many engines for playing locally as well as an FICS client.
  4. ebook-dev-alp (Documentation) : The Advanced Linux Programming ebook.
  5. ebook-speaker (Multimedia) : ebook reader that reads aloud in a synthetic voice. Supports many formats.
  6. efte (Editors) : Quite interesting console-based editor. Very easy to use as the interface is similar to any regular editor and mouse click works great.
  7. eiskaltdcpp (Networking) : Another DC++ client.
  8. elfutils (Utilities) : Collection of utilities to handle ELF objects.
  9. elvis-console (Editors) : Powerful and lightweight clone of the vi editor.
  10. erlang-cowboy (Development) : Small, fast and modular HTTP server written in Erlang.
  11. esniper (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Simple, lightweight tool for sniping eBay auctions.
  12. etherape (Networking) : Graphical network monitor modeled after etherman. it displays network activity graphically, showing active hosts as circles of varying size, and traffic among them as lines of varying width.
  13. ethstats (Networking) : Script that quickly measures network device throughput. Works by parsing the /proc/net/dev file that the Linux kernel maintains, and thus utilizes a negligible amount of CPU time.
  14. ethtool (Networking) : Utility for controlling network drivers and hardware.
  15. ettercap (Networking) : Supports active and passive dissection of many protocols (even encrypted ones) and includes many feature for network and host analysis. Data injection in an established connection and filtering (substitute or drop a packet) on the fly is also possible, keeping the connection synchronized.
  16. evilvte (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Very lightweight terminal emulator based on Virtual Terminal Emulator (VTE) library. It supports almost everything VTE provides. It also supports tabs, tabbar autohide, and switch encoding at runtime.
  17. exaile (Multimedia) : Full featured music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python.
  18. exfalso (Multimedia) : Displays and edits audio metadata tags. Supported formats include MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack (MPC), WavPack, and MOD/XM/IT.
  19. exif (Graphics) : Command-line utility to show EXIF information in JPEG files.
  20. exifprobe (Graphics) : Reads image files produced by digital cameras (including several so-called “raw” file formats) and reports the structure of the files and the auxiliary data and metadata contained within them.
  21. exiftags (Graphics) : Utility to read Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file.
  22. expect (Interpreted Computer Languages) : A tool for automating interactive applications according to a script. Following the script, Expect knows what can be expected from a program and what the correct response should be. Expect is also useful for testing these same applications. And by adding Tk, you can also wrap interactive applications in X11 GUIs.
  23. explain (Development) : Provides an explain(1) command to explain Unix and Linux system call errors.
  24. ext3grep (System Administration) : A simple tool intended to aid anyone who accidentally deletes a file on an ext3 filesystem, only to find that they wanted it shortly thereafter.
  25. extract (Utilities) : Similar to the well-known “file” command, extract can display meta-data from a file and print the results to stdout.
  26. extundelete (Utilities) : Recover accidentally deleted files from ext3 or ext4 filesystems.


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