Useful tools on Ubuntu (C)

ubuntu_logo_81x81This post covers the utilities that start with C. Part of the series.

  1. cabextract (Utilities) : Extract Microsoft cabinet (.cab) files.
  2. cadaver (World Wide Web) : Command-line WebDAV client. You can use this to mount your online storage.
  3. cain (Science) : Simulates chemical reactions.
  4. calcoo (Utilities) : GTK+ Reverse Polish Notation and scientific calculator.
  5. calcurse (Utilities) : Curses based scheduler, todo list and calendar with notifications.
  6. calgebra (Mathematics) : Algebraic calculator for the command-line.
  7. cameramonitor (GNOME Desktop Environment) : Tray icon webcam monitoring application.
  8. camgrab (Networking) : Capture an image from a webcam.
  9. camorama (GNOME Desktop Environment) : View and save images from a V4L compliant webcam.
  10. canorus (Multimedia) : Graphical music score editor.
  11. canto (Networking) : Flexible ncurses Atom/RSS newsreader for the console.
  12. capistrano (Ruby Programming Language) : Execute tasks in parallel on multiple servers via SSH.
  13. cappuccino (Games and Amusement) : A complex simulation simulator for your screen so that it (and you) appears real busy.
  14. catdoc (Word Processing) : Extract text from MS Word documents.
  15. catfish (Utilities) : searches files using find and locate.
  16. cb2bib (Word Processing) : Extract bibliographic references from various text based resources including PDFs.
  17. cbrpager (Graphics) : Viewer for comic book archive files.
  18. cclive (Video software) : Download video from YouTube and similar video hosting websites.
  19. ccrypt (Utilities) : Encrypt and decrypt files and streams.
  20. cde (Utilities) : Package everything required to run a Linux command on a different computer without and installation or configuration as long as the processor architectures match.
  21. ceph (System Administration) : Distributed storage and network file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability, and scalability.
  22. cflow (Development) : Analyze control flow in C source files.
  23. cfv (Utilities) : Create and verify checksums of many file types.
  24. cgdb (Development) : Curses base front-end to GDB. Can show gdb and the source code as it executes dynamically in two split panes.
  25. cgpt (System Administration) : Manage GPT based partitioning from command-line with support for Chrome OS.
  26. changetrack (Utilities) : Automatically monitor changes to a set of files.
  27. chaosreader (Networking) : Trace network sessions and export it to html format.
  28. charactermanaj (Graphics) : Create your own Avatar by superimposing multiple images.
  29. chase (Utilities) : Track down a last existing link in a chain of symbolic links.
  30. check (Development) : Unit testing framework for C.
  31. checkbot (World Wide Web) : Tool to verify links on a set of HTML pages.
  32. checkgmail (Email) : Alternative email notifier for Linux that runs in the system tray.
  33. checkinstall (System Administration) : Track the changes done by a package when you build and install it so that you can undo the changes later. It creates a standard binary package and installs that as a normal package so that you can uninstall it later from your distribution’s native package management system.
  34. checkstyle (Libraries) : Very that a Java code is compliant to a particular standard.
  35. chemtool (Science) : Organic molecule and chemical structures drawing program.
  36. cherrytree (Editors) : A hierarchical note taking application.
  37. chkrootkit (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : The chkrootkit security scanner searches the local system for signs that it is infected with a ‘rootkit’.
  38. chm2pdf (Word Processing) : Convert CHM files to PDF.
  39. chmsee (Word Processing) : CHM file viewer.
  40. chntpw (System Administration) : NT SAM password recovery tool along with a registry editor.
  41. ckeditor (World Wide Web) : A free, Open Source HTML text editor designed to simplify website content creation. It’s a WYSIWYG editor that brings common word processor features to the webpage.
  42. ckport (Development) : Portability analysis and security checking tool.
  43. clamav /clamtk (Utilities) : Clam Antivirus.
  44. clamz (Utilities) : Download purchased mp3s from Amazon.
  45. classicmenu-indicator (GNOME Desktop Environment) : Indicator showing the classic menu from gnome.
  46. claws-mail (Email) : Fast, lightweight and user-friendly email client.
  47. clementine (Multimedia) : Music player and library organizer.
  48. clex (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Command-line file manager.
  49. clipit (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Lightweight clipboard manager.
  50. clive (Utilities) : Downloads videos from sites like YouTube.
  51. cloc (Development) : A Perl utility to count lines of code. Supports many languages.
  52. cloudprint (Networking) : Print on your local printers from anywhere using the Google Cloud Print service.
  53. clusterssh (System Administration) : Control multiple SSH, RSH or TELNET sessions simultaneously using a single window.
  54. cmospwd (Utilities) : BIOS password recovery utility. Access BIOS by decrypting BIOS password stored in CMOS.
  55. cnee (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Command-line flavour of Xnee. Can record your activities, actions and play them later.
  56. code2html (Development) : Converts source code to syntax-highlighted html. Online CGI demo here.
  57. codeblocks (Development) : A feature rich IDE.
  58. codelite (Development) : Another feature rich IDE.
  59. collectl (System Administration) : Hardware performance benchmark tool. Identifies many system and hardware factors like memory fragmentation, CPU, disk, sockets, memory, lustre etc.
  60. colordiff / colorgcc / colormake / colortail (Utilities) : Colorize various logs and outputs.
  61. comix (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : GTK comic book viewer.
  62. commit-patch (Version Control Systems) : Allows the user to control exactly what gets committed by letting the user supply a patch to be committed rather than using the files in the current working directory. Works with many version control systems.
  63. comparepdf (Utilities) : Compare two PDF files from the command-line.
  64. condor (Science) : Distributed workload management system. Provides a job queueing mechanism, scheduling policy, priority scheme, resource monitoring, and resource management.
  65. cone (Email) : Console based email client and newsreader.
  66. conglomerate (Editors) : User friendly XML editor.
  67. conserver (Communication) : Connect multiple users to a serial console simultaneously.
  68. conspy (System Administration) : Remotely control virtual consoles (not GUI).
  69. controlaula (System Administration) : Classroom management software that allows a teacher to control every computer in the classroom among other useful features.
  70. convert-pgn (Utilities): Convert various chess book formats to PGN.
  71. convertall (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Unit converter.
  72. convmv (Utilities) : Change the filename encoding of a single file or directory trees.
  73. copyfs (Utilities) : Userspace filesystem that keeps versioned copies of all changes made to a file so that user can revert back to any version later. Currently unmaintained.
  74. copyright-update (Development) : Update the copyright information in set of files, possibly recursively, matching content criteria.
  75. corkscrew (Networking) : A tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies.
  76. cortina (GNOME Desktop Environment) : Lightweight wallpaper changer for GNOME.
  77. courier (Email) : Courier mail server.
  78. cowbell (Multimedia) : Music organizer.
  79. cppcheck (Development) : Static analysis tool for C/C++ code.
  80. cpputest (Development) : C/C++ based unit test framework.
  81. cpuid (System Administration) : Tool to explore the CPU features.
  82. cpulimit (System Administration) : Limit the CPU usage of a process.
  83. crack (System Administration) : Quickly locate vulnerabilities in password files by guessing passwords.
  84. creepy (Python Programming Language) : Gather geolocation related information about users from social networking platforms and image hosting services.
  85. cronolog (World Wide Web) : Log file rotator for web servers.
  86. crtmpserver (Video software) : High performance RTMP/RTSP streaming server that allows you to audio video streaming, conferences, online gaming, chat etc.
  87. crtools (System Administration) : Create checkpoint and restore processes in userspace.
  88. cryptcat (Networking) : Read and write data across network connections using encryption. Supports TCP and UDP.
  89. cryptkeeper (System Administration) : An encrypted folders manager, it allows users to mount and unmount encfs folders, to change the password and to create new encrypted folders. It integrates with your preferred file manager.
  90. cryptmount (System Administration) : Create encrypted filesystems & swap partitions. Allows an ordinary user to mount/unmount filesystems without requiring superuser privileges.
  91. csound (Multimedia) : A C based audio programming language.
  92. cssed (Editors) : Graphical CSS editor.
  93. cstream (Utilities) : A general-purpose stream-handling tool like UNIX’ dd, usually used in command-line constructed pipes.
  94. cthumb (World Wide Web) : Generate themable web picture albums. Highly customizable.
  95. ctorrent (Networking) : Bittorrent client written in C++.
  96. cucumber (Ruby Programming Language) : Text based acceptance testing framework.
  97. cuneiform (Graphics) : An OCR system originally developed and open sourced by Cognitive technologies.
  98. curtain (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Movable and resizable curtain fr the desktop. Handy during presentations.
  99. curves (Development) : Provides a menu and command completion interface to CVS. Provides console-based visual presentation of a project directory so that the status of each file is comprehensible at a glance.
  100. customdeb (System Administration) : Easily modify binary deb packages by adding, replacing files, modifying permissions, changing scripts etc.
  101. cutechess (Games and Amusement) : Command-line and Qt based interface for engine vs. engine games.
  102. cutils (Development) : Collection of utilities for C programmers. Interesting functionalists are decode/encode C type declarations, obfuscate code (keeps compilable), highlight C source code, unloop C loops etc.
  103. cutmp3 (Multimedia) : Small and fast command-line mp3 editor.
  104. cutycapt (World Wide Web) : A small cross-platform command-line utility to capture WebKit’s rendering of a web page into a variety of vector and bitmap image formats.
  105. cxxtest (Development) : Unit testing framework for C++ similar t JUnit. An Eclipse plugin is also available.
  106. cyrus (Email) : Highly scalable enterprise mail system.


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