Useful tools on Ubuntu (B)

ubuntu_logo_81x81This post covers the utilities that start with B. Part of the series.

  1. backintime (Utilities) : Backs up your data using rsync, diff and cron. Takes backup only if directory content has changed. Has separate GUIs for Gnome and KDE.
  2. backstep (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : For people who tend to open too many windows at a time. Backstep creates icons on the desktop so that you can remember the applications you minimized. A nice feature would be to add the functionality to re-open the windows on double click.
  3. backupninja (System Administration) : Lightweight, configurable incremental backup manager. You can even drop your own scripts into its configuration directory to fine-tune it. Even supports database based and source control based backups.
  4. backuppc (Utilities) : High performance, enterprise-level system backup utility with many many features.
  5. bacula (System Administration) : Backup and recover computer data across a network of heterogeneous systems.
  6. balance (System Administration) : TCP load balancer for multiple servers.
  7. balsa (GNOME Desktop environment) : Highly configurable and robust email client that supports POP3 and IMAP.
  8. bandwidthcalc (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Helps calculate in advance how much time a file transfer may take on current bandwidth.
  9. bandwidthd(-pgsql) (Networking) : Tracks bandwidth usage by protocol within subnets by IP.
  10. baobab (GNOME Desktop environment) : Graphical disk usage analyzer.
  11. barcode (Graphics) : Generates and prints barcodes. Utility cum library.
  12. bareftp (GNOME Desktop environment) : Simple FTP client.
  13. basenji (GNOME Desktop environment) : Index and search media collections.
  14. bashdb (Development) : Debug and learn bash scripts.
  15. basic256 (Development) : Educational BASIC programming environment for children.
  16. bauble (Science) : Manage a collection of botanical specimens.
  17. bcc (Development) : 16-bit x86 C compiler.
  18. bchunk (Cross platform) : CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr.
  19. bcov (Development) : Produces coverage information without recompiling a program by instrumenting it with breakpoints.
  20. bcpp (Development) : C and C++ code beautifier.
  21. beav (Editors) : Binary data editor and viewer. Man page.
  22. beets (Multimedia) : Music tagger and composer that can use the MusicBrainz database.
  23. bfbtester (Utilities) : Quick and proactive security checks of binary files. Checks command-line or environment variable or buffer overflows or unsafe tempfile names.
  24. bibleedit(-gtk) (GNOME Desktop environment) : Translate and read The Bible in multiple languages.
  25. bibshelf (GNOME Desktop environment) : A book organizer.
  26. binfmtc (Utilities) : Execute C programs as scripts.
  27. bing (Networking) : Determines bandwidth on a point-to-point link by sending ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets and measuring their round trip times for different packet sizes on each end of the link.
  28. bins (World Wide Web) : Generate static HTML photo albums using XML and EXIF tags.
  29. binwalk (Development) : Tool for searching binary images for embedded files and executable code. Useful for firmware reverse engineering.
  30. bist (Science) : A chemical drawing tool.
  31. bitcoin-qt (Utilities) : GUI for peer-to-peer network based digital currency management.
  32. bitstormlite (Networking) : BitTorrent client with a GUI.
  33. bittornado(-gui) (Networking) : BitTorrent client.
  34. bittorrent(-gui) (Networking) : Original BitTorrent client.
  35. bkchem (Science) : Chemical structures editor and drawing tool.
  36. bkhive (System Administration) : Dump the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP system hive.
  37. blam (GNOME Desktop environment) : Atom and RSS feed reader.
  38. blcr-util (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Write a process status to a file as a checkpoint and restart later.
  39. bld (System Administration) : Automatically build rule-based blacklists for spams etc.
  40. bleachbit (System Administration) : Scan and delete unnecessary files from the system. Very powerful.
  41. bless (Editors) : Full featured hex editor.
  42. bloglio (World Wide Web) : Graphical blogging platform for KDE.
  43. bluefish (Editors) : Advanced GTK+ HTML editor.
  44. bmagic (Libraries – Development) : C++ template library for efficient platform independent bitsets.
  45. boa (World Wide Web) : Very lightweight and high-performance web server. It doesn’t use forks to handle multiple connections.
  46. boats (Miscellaneous – Graphical) : Scenario drawing tool.
  47. bokken () : GUI or pyew, the reverse engineering tool.
  48. bombono-dvd (Graphics) : DVD authoring tool with a GUI.
  49. bonnie++ (Utilities) : Hard drive benchmark suite.
  50. boot-info-script (System Administration) : Generate a report of your boot environment.
  51. bootcd (Utilities) : create an image of your running system and use that to boot the system.
  52. bootchart (System Administration) : Audit the booting sequence for boot performance benchmarks.
  53. bootmail (System Administration) : Automatically email a list of admins when a system reboots. Useful for (almost) restart-less servers.
  54. bozohttpd (Networking) : Small and secure HTTP server.
  55. brasero (GNOME Desktop environment) : Full-featured and yet simple CD DVD burner.
  56. bridge-utils (Networking) : Utilities for configuring the Linux Ethernet bridge on Linux. The Linux Ethernet bridge can be used for connecting multiple Ethernet devices together.
  57. brightside (GNOME Desktop environment) : Add reactivity to the corners and edges of your GNOME desktop and bind actions.
  58. bsdiff (& bspatch) (Utilities) : Generate and apply a patch between two binary files.
  59. btag (Multimedia) : Interactive command-line based multimedia tag editor.
  60. bti (Networking) : Send tweet messages to Twitter and some other services from the command line.
  61. bugz (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Command line interface to Bugzilla, allowing the user to quickly search, isolate and contribute to projects using the Bugzilla bug tracker. Developers can easily extract attachments and close bugs all from the comfort of the command line. Component of the pyBugz package.
  62. buildtorrent (Networking) : Command-line torrent creation program.
  63. bum (System Administration) : Graphical run-level editor to manage services to be run at each run-level.
  64. bup (System Administration) : A backup tool which stores the backups in a system based around the packfile format from git.
  65. buzztrax (Multimedia) : A modular, free, open source music studio conceptually based on the proprietary Windows software called Buzz.
  66. bvi (Editors) : Binary fie editor.
  67. bwbar (Networking) : Text and graphical readout of current bandwidth usage. Useful for embedding in scripts.
  68. byobu (Miscellaneous – Text Based) : Powerful, text based window manager and shell multiplexer.
  69. bzr (Development) : Easy, distributed version control system with a lot of plugins.


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