Feedspot: online feed reader with a slick interface


A month back I got an invitation from the author to check out Feedspot with a premium account. I had to hold it off for a while due to other priorities. I regularly use Canto which suits me very well. However, I was curious to check out this online feed reader and to say the least I am pretty impressed with the interface, smoothness and the features it comes with. Sign-up and usage are free. The Premium version adds some more perks to it. Some of Feedspot’s features:

  • Import existing subscriptions from any other feed reader you already use
  • Add social networks like FB, G+ and Twitter and share directly
  • Keyboard shortcuts to navigate between feeds
  • Feed list view or expanded view
  • Search feeds
  • Sort feeds and folders alphabetically or use drag and drop
  • Predictive suggestions based on your existing feeds
  • Feedspot today: get a consolidated mail daily with new items from your subscribed sources

It’s still in beta and under active development. You can provide your suggestions, bug reports via the feedback button to improve it.

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Webpage: Feedspot

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4 thoughts on “Feedspot: online feed reader with a slick interface”

    1. A request, can we have a Linux terminal client for this please? I have the habit of using the terminal to read news, but I can’t use from multiple locations due to lack of sync. Would you guys be able to support that?


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