Hive: unlimited cloud storage?

hive_compUpdate: Hive actually tricked users with the words free premium. As I can see now, they have re-termed it as free trial and is deleting the accounts of free premium users if they do not pay and upgrade. Don’t fall for it.

Came cross Hive during my lame browsing sessions. The promise of unlimited storage caught my attention. However, I can see that the press images and the home page shows total GB as 102.8. I guess it may be possible to increase storage through referrals. It follows the social networking model based on sharing of files, YouTube like video search options and can also download torrents for you. The service is sill in a beta stage but will be released soon. Though you can’t sign up now, you can submit your email address for a welcome mail or tweet or post about it in your e-social circle.

Webpage: Hive (removed link)

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