Sharefest: serverless P2P file share

Sharefest will come to your rescue in times when you want to share a file instantly with couple or friends without going into the hassle of setting up a server of uploading it somewhere. You can think of is as a serverless BitTorrent session where downloaders will receive chunks of the same file from different sources hence making the download quicker. The session lasts as long as your browser tab is open. Open source and implemented in JS. Works over HTML5 WebRTC Data Channel API.

Working principle: Sharefest operates on a mesh network similar to BitTorrent network. However, unlike BitTorrent, the peers are coordinated using an intelligent server at the time of writing. This coordinator controls the communication among peers and transfer of data. Peer5 Coordinator is used to accomplish this. Each peer will connect to few other peers in order to maximize the distribution of the file. Sharefest supports Chrome (>26) and Firefox (>19) browsers.

To install Sharefest on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install npm
$ git clone
$ cd ShareFest
$ npm install --dedupe
$ npm start

Test by visiting http://localhost:13337 in browser.

On GitHub: Sharefest


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