Compare files on Linux

tux_compThere was a time I used WinMerge regularly on Windows for comparing files. When I switched completely to Linux I had to find an alternative. Cmdline utilities like vimdiff are OK but I was looking for something in GUI so that the learning curve is easier. Here are a few such file compare tools which are very lightweight and do the job very well. All of these support 3-way file compare.

  • Diffuse: Fast and cool GUI. Written in python. This should be your choice if you are intimidated by KDiff3. Supports changing file in all panes. Multiplatform.

  • SourceGear DiffMerge: I found it a little less flexible as it allows you to modify only the file in the RHS in 2-way merge. The toolbar icons seemed a little big and it would have been better if the current difference could be highlighted with a different colour to make that more readable. But it is still a very good utility. Multiplatform.

  • KDiff3: The king of its kind on Linux though not very easy to use till you get used to it. I have written about it earlier.

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