Ship of Theseus (2012)



A lot has already been written about the movie. More than through promotion, people went to watch the movie just because of word of mouth. Movie starts with quoting an ancient paradox about Ship of Theseus – If the parts of a ship are replaced, bit-by-bit, is it still the same ship?

This flick by Anand Gandhi consists of three stories. The first one is about a girl who is blind and shares a passion towards photography. This part of the movie shows some highly technological devices likes of camera telling coordinates, special printing machine for blind people among others. Some of these are fictional invention. After the girl went through the eye operation, she finds that the pictures she is taking with her vision back, are not that good than the ones she took earlier. Apart from the main theme of the movie, this also conveys the message that imagination is much more powerful than de facto beauty.

The second story is about a monk who is fighting against the grave experiments on animals in the pretext of testing medicine. Later he suffers from the same disease but refuses to take the medicines as the companies producing those medicines do not follow the guidelines towards animal testing. Character of the monk is being played superbly. The belief, discussions on religion, some hilarious conversations between the advocate’s son and the monk, display of the pain in illness, hallucinations etc. are some points which affects you most in this story. Dialogues like “I am an atheist but i believe in the karma of the soul” push your thoughts further.

The last story is about a stock market guy from Rajasthan who visits Mumbai for a kidney operation. Later he finds out about a guy whose kidney was stolen during an appendix operation and wonders whether he has got that kidney. He tries to find out. Though he could confirm that he has got it from a genuine donor, he now wants to help the guy. The problems he faces to find the actual recipient and the harsh truth of “value of money” are very well shown.

Though the direct theme of the movie concentrate on the message of organ donation, the thread which connects all the stories is ironical. As per the philosophy of the ship of Theseus, Theseus owned the ship but none of the  parts of this ship belonged to the ship when it was first made. Similarly, in first story girl was a photographer when she was blind but after getting the eyes, it doesn’t interest her anymore. For the second story, the monk finally accepts the medicines for his treatment whereas in the last one, the guy who always thinks about money transcends his natural mindset to help the guy.

Overall, it’s a fantastic movie. It is one of those movies which every time you watch presents you a new and different perspective.

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Kapil Jain

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