Oblivion (2013)

It was a dull day and I was looking for some action. Finally decided to watch a blockbuster. After searching for sometime I settled with Oblivion. However, after watching it I felt like I have wasted an hour as the movie could have been completed in one hour instead of two (and would have been a little more exciting). Like most Tom Cruise movies this one is also straightforward with all the highlight on Tom exploding things. The movie reminded me of the artificial intelligence shown in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the only difference being the latter was a masterpiece while Oblivion is just ordinary. The first half an hour is pretty boring. I still don’t understand how any mortal soul can keep watching deserts and spaceships and routine life in a space mission (kinda, just that in this case it’s earth) for so long. The story is unoriginal and predictable. Morgan Freeman was wasting his talent in this one. Good that his screen time was not that long. Most of it went to Tom who kept true to his demonstration in recent movies and has nothing new to deliver in this movie as well. My rating would be 6.5/10 and I would suggest you to skip it if you aren’t a sincere Tom Cruise addict.


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