Keep your email safe

emailAll of us at least have one personal email ID that has almost all important electronic records and information that we do not want to lose. The problem is, however secured you think your email is, there is always a chance that you have left some vulnerable information somewhere. For example, yesterday one of the internet’s most popular forums got hacked and 2 million usernames, email IDs and passwords were leaked. It is very important that you keep at least your personal email ID information safe. Here are a few simple guidelines I follow to ensure that:

  1. Use 2 email IDs – one your personal ID and the other gets used to register in not-so-important sites and services, like cloud services, different forums etc.
  2. Use different and difficult passwords using all key combinations – characters, numeric, symbolic and at least 10 characters long. That makes it difficult to crack your password even if the website is hacked. Passwords for both your email IDs should be unique. For other services you register to, use different password(s).
  3. If you have a weak memory and must use a word in your password, use a non-English word (no, not your name) in English letters, combine it with some symbols and digits.
  4. Use 2 step verification (like Gmail). It’s awkward but makes each of your logins unique.
  5. If it’s difficult to rememeber all passwords use a local password manager like KeePassX.

Never take security for granted or you may end up losing invaluable data.

2 thoughts on “Keep your email safe”

  1. I have been used unique password for each web site to avoid hacking all my accounts with the same ID. because most users are use the same password with ID and it can make chances to hackers grab all accounts at once.
    i usually combine web site address with my own password so i can remember unique passwords more easily and apart form other accounts 🙂


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