LKML verbal abuse should stop

tux_compSarah Sharp, the kernel dev for USB 3.0 has started a crusade yesterday against the verbal abuse in LKML:

The related thread is one of the most happening threads right now:

I completely support Sarah. Time and again I need to touch the LKML and I get embarrassed the way Linus abuses the dev. If Linus is interested in vulgar verbal abuse he should have created a closed group instead of a Google searchable public group. What he writes every now and then is despicable, at least in India (and I respect our traditional culture of controlled communication and action in public). He might be a great dev but when it comes to communication – he is a disgrace. There is a huge difference between being ethical and being professional. I am horrified at his justifications. Dear Linus, it’s OK if you don’t want to be a role model (no one cares either, we have quite a few around who has excelled in their domains as well), but that doesn’t mean you have to behave abnormally in specific scenarios. Change yourself and start with trying to clean up the garbage you have spilled through all this time.

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