FAVable: bookmarks as home page across browsers

I depend a lot on bookmarks to access important sites I visit often. However, the bookmarks in my home laptop and office or across different browsers differ or at least were different till now. I use historious as a single repository for all links I find interesting and useful now and then but I can’t keep all of them as bookmarks which I need to access frequently. Today I found a solution to this – FAVable. It has some excellent features available or free:

  • Stylish look and feel with thumbnails, weather and twitter integration.
  • Import bookmarks from browsers.
  • Sort bookmarks by clicks (so that your frequently visited sites are shown first after a few days).
  • Firefox only: click on thumbnail to open in mini window, on link to open in new tab. Suit yourself.


  • Takes longer to load and run

Just set it as homepage in the browser and your bookmarks are always with you!

Webpage: FAVable

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