Write access for all on new ext4 partition

diskIf you are creating a new ext4 volume (partition) on a hard disk and trying to write to it as any user other than root you might not be able to do it due to permission issues. While there are too many solutions spread around, here’s a simple way to do it from the GUI without touching /etc/fstab on Ubuntu:

  • Click on the disk icon in the launcher to open the new volume in Nautilus.
  • Check the mountpoint. Normally it will be under /media directory.
  • Make sure the volume is mounted.
  • Open another terminal and type sudo nautilus and provide you password to enter privileged mode.
  • Browse to the mountpoint and right click. Select Properties and go to Permissions tab.
  • Change the permissions for the volume as you wish and also for internal files.
  • Unmount the volume and mount again. You should be able to write to the volume as a regular user now.

3 thoughts on “Write access for all on new ext4 partition”

    1. If you try this it won’t be necessary to open nautilus each time as root and mount. You can just click the volume icon in the launcher and it will be mounted with rw permissions.


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