Ubuntu 13.04 is out!

ringtailUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is released and the Ubuntu website flaunts it now! Grab your copy from the usual Ubuntu download page or check the list of mirrors for a mirror near or in your country. If can also upgrade from older versions.

In my experience as a beta-tester for Raring this has been the smoothest Ubuntu release through daily dev and beta versions. It was only once that I got a kernel crash in the last few months though I used it as a power user tweaking things and experimenting all the time! It never felt like a beta other than minor glitches in userland applications time and again. Unity is much more polished and offers a seamless experience. The desktop is damn fast. Of course there would be criticisms but which newly released OS isn’t criticized? The point of Ubuntu/Linux is that they are so customizable that you can actually handpick features and mould the things you want and as you like.

Features Video

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