LXLE: a distro for really old systems

LXLE (Lubuntu Extra Lite Edition) is built on top of the already lightweight Lubuntu. In addition to being ultra-lightweight LXLE, doesn’t sacrifice the aesthetics as well. It comes with numerous beautiful wallpapers (shared using Creative Commons license). At the time of writing the default desktop environment is optimized LXDE. The main goal of the OS is to run on the aging computers. Both 32 and 64-bit versions are available. LXLE requires a Pentium III processor with at least 512MB or RAM and 8GB of hard disk space for a reasonable web browsing experience.


  • Light on resources; Heavy on functions.
  • Always based on Ubuntu/Lubuntu LTS.
  • Uses an optimized LXDE user interface.
  • Four familiar desktop layout paradigms.
  • Prudent full featured Apps preinstalled.
  • Latest stable versions of major software.
  • Added PPAs extends available software.
  • Weather, Aero Snap, Quick Launch
  • Random Wallpaper, Panel Trash access
  • Theme consistency throughout system.
  • 100 gorgeous wallpapers preinstalled.
  • Numerous other tweaks/additions.
  • 32 and 64 bit OS versions available.
  • Boots & is online in less than 1 minute.

If you have any old computer at home you can give it a try. It can bring it back to life!

Webpage: LXLE


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