Historious: your private mini web

historiousHistorious showcases an amazing way of saving bookmarks. In most of the bookmarking sites you can save the links and have a static snapshot of the page but that doesn’t help much in the way of finding the exact bookmarked page you want when you are saving bookmarks for years (like me) because you won’t remember the tags or the keywords to search the pages. If you ever faced this situation you already know how frustrating it is to remember that you have the important piece of information but you aren’t able to search it out. The solution to this is historious. It parses the contents of the page you save and hence there’s a much brighter chance of finding the page by search keywords. Tags are supported as well. It literally translates to your personal google search. The free service lets you have upto 2000 bookmarks through promotion. Not a very difficult task. Check it out! Use my share link to get 300 bonus bookmarks when signing up.

Webpage: historious

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