Unmount all USB devices with a hotkey

terminalI was looking for a solution to unmount all attached USB pen drives or disks with a single keyboard shortcut on Ubuntu 13.04. On googling a bit I found this thread. However, the limitation of the script is it doesn’t take care of USB hard disks. So I modified it a little and saved it in an executable script /usr/bin/remusb. You can download it from here.


command_exists () {
    type "$1" &> /dev/null


if command_exists udevadm; then
        CMD="$(which udevadm) info -q all -n"

if command_exists udevinfo; then
        CMD="$(which udevinfo) -q all -n"

echo "The udevinfo command for this system is $CMD"

for disk in /dev/sd[a-z][1-9]
        DISK=$($CMD $disk | grep ID_BUS)
        if [[ "$DISK" == *usb ]]; then
                echo "$disk is USB pen drive, now unmounting.."
                umount $disk
                DISK=$($CMD $disk | grep -w ID_PATH)
                if [[ "$DISK" == *usb* ]]; then
                        echo "$disk is USB hard disk, now unmounting.."
                        umount $disk

To assign a keyboard shortcut I visited Keyboard settings ▸ Shortcuts ▸ +. Added the description and the command as sudo remusb (in my system sudo runs without password, check this post). Assigned a keyboard shortcut for the command and I’m done. Now I can easily unmount all the attached USB devices from my laptop at once!


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