Skyfall (2012)

Watching Skyfall in Blu-ray is a thrilling experience – excellent shots of Shanghai, Macau, silhouette action sequences in neon light, a lot of usual Bond movie characters revamped and some old ones killed, theme song by Adele… there’s more than meets the eye. Enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. Dialogs are innovative and witty as they usually are in a Bond movie but when you are watching Daniel Craig actions speak. And finally Javier Bardem… what a show! He has not lost his elegance since No Country for Old Men. The last two rats standing analogy does make you chill. I was a bit surprised to see Ralph Fiennes in a Bond movie but he has blended in beautifully. This is also the first Bond movie that actually dives deep into modern technology and not just gadgets or notions of powerful semi-mechanical weapons – cyber-tech is the weapon that Silva uses here. Silva will not fail to amaze you. Two and a half hours of pure entertainment. I gave it 8/10.


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