Jump forward a word in GUI terminal

terminalIn case you love to use bash shortcuts and are disappointed that you are not able to use the <Alt-f> hotkey in the GUI terminal to jump to the start of next word (unlike <Alt-b> which works fine) here’s how to do it on Ubuntu:

Ignore both methods 1 and 2 below. Use <Ctrl-Left> and <Ctrl-Right> to jump around.

1. The next method is roundabout. Ignore it and just use <Alt-Shift-f> and <Alt-Shift-b> to jump forward and backward one word at a time.

2. Open a new terminal, expand View menu and then uncheck Show Menubar. Now, the menubar will disappear and you can use the <Alt-f> hotkey to jump forward. However the next time you open the terminal the will show again. To turn it off completely, go to Edit ▸ Profile Preferences ▸ General tab ▸ uncheck Show menubar by default in new terminals.

If you want to turn it on later, right click on the terminal anywhere (other than the top bar) and select Show Menubar or go to Profile ▸ Profile Preferences.

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