Google Calendar client for Ubuntu

I was looking for a simple way to integrate my Google Calendar to my desktop. I keep forgetting things and it would help me a lot in quickly adding tasks in Google Calendar and get an SMS 10/15 minutes before the time I have set. But I couldn’t find anything other than bulky solutions like Sunbird, Evolution integration, Rainlendar etc. A few minutes back I found Fogger, a great app which turns any website to a desktop app on Ubuntu. I tried the apps I created for my Gmail and Google Calendar and to say the least I am hugely impressed! God bless the developers; you have saved me a lot of daily pain.

If you are a heavy Google Calendar user, there are many ways to integrate it with your Ubuntu desktop.

I would love to see some settings added for user-level customization like changing fonts. The fonts look different from that in Firefox. Right now it can be done using CSS which is not possible for all users.


  • The best solution now is the quick in-built app creation support that come with Google Chrome. Check here.
  • calendar-Indicator is a handy brand new app with a lot of regular functionality that makes the job pretty easy. It’s a much better alternative to the above and tiny as well. To install on Ubuntu:
    $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install calendar-indicator
  • Unity Web Apps
    Comes integrated with the Unity desktop on Ubuntu.
  • gcalcli is another option to use Google Calendar from the cmdline.

Quick Tip

You can just bookmark the Google Calendar mobile page and check your agenda quickly. For fast results you must be logged in to Google.

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