Epiphany: light and insanely fast

epiphanyAs I updated Ubuntu on my laptop today, Firefox got updated to version 18.0. As usual, it’s elegant, all-encompassing but uses good chunk of memory. Chrome is deceptively faster by making each tab a separate process but it uses even more memory on my system than Firefox. Maybe the bulk and heaviness are the only reasons why these immensely popular desktop browsers are not the most welcome smartphone browsers. I was googling some benchmarks for a good alternative. Finally I found the WebKit-powered Epiphany. I installed it and to my disbelief found that it’s goddamn fast. In addition, top output shows much less memory and CPU usage than Firefox. It lacks extensions but the features it has are enough for any heavy browsing session. Actually I am writing this post using Epiphany right now – tabbed browsing, font management, popup block, fast and quality rendering… Available in synaptic. Give it a try!

To install on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser

Webpage: Epiphany


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