Download YouTube videos (no JAVA)

mediaIf you download YouTube videos often but do not want to install JAVA or any additional browser extensions on your system, try The online tool takes a bit of time to process and convert the videos (just like any other online site of its kind) but it worth the time. You can select or fine-tune you preferred quality as well. You can also download only the audio stream in preferred quality.

Download video or audio from YouTube streams without having to install a bulky package like JAVA.

Other options

  • To download only audio from a YouTube video, try YouTube mp3 or VidTomp3 or FullRip
  • SaveVideo
  • Use SMTube to avoid the browser as well!
  • cclive on Linux
  • xVideoServiceThief
  • NomNom: Graphical video streaming and download tool for YouTube and 40+ similar sites.
  • ClipGrab: free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many other online video sites.
  • mps-youtube (aka mpsyt) can search, stream and download music and video from Youtube. Features:
    > Search and play audio/video from YouTube
    > Search tracks of albums by album title
    > Search and import YouTube playlists
    > Create and save local playlists
    > Download audio/video
    > View video comments
    > Works with Python 2.7+ and 3.x
    > Works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
    > Requires mplayer or mpv
  • YouTube-DL is a python script that helps you customize and download video from many popular video hosting sites using the cmdline. Along with this, you also find metacafe-dl and nicovideo-dl in synaptic.To see all available formats of a video:
    $ youtube-dl -F
     Setting language
     kRg1WbFvXqo: Downloading video webpage
     kRg1WbFvXqo: Downloading video info webpage
     kRg1WbFvXqo: Extracting video information
    Available formats:
    34 : flv [360x640]
    18 : mp4 [360x640]
    43 : webm [360x640]
    5 : flv [240x400]
    17 : mp4 [144x176]

    To download the webm format listed above:

    $ youtube-dl -f 43
     Setting language
     kRg1WbFvXqo: Downloading video webpage
     kRg1WbFvXqo: Downloading video info webpage
     kRg1WbFvXqo: Extracting video information
    [download] Destination: kRg1WbFvXqo.webm
    [download]  18.9% of 73.60M at   58.62k/s ETA 17:22
  • KeepTube
  • NetVideoHunter

To extract audio from the downloaded file locally check this post which explains how to do that using ffmpeg.

If you want YouTube to play videos using HTML5 change the setting here.

8 thoughts on “Download YouTube videos (no JAVA)”

  1. Another website I’m currently using to download Youtube video is Download Youtube Video Online Just copy + paste the Video’s ID and download. It’s very simple, you don’t need to install any software, it’s an online tool. so could you please share this to another guys who do not know this?

  2. C:\>youtube-dl -f 136
    Setting language
    b-3BI9AspYc: Downloading video webpage
    b-3BI9AspYc: Downloading video info webpage
    b-3BI9AspYc: Extracting video information
    ERROR: unable to download video data: [Errno 10054] An existing connection was f
    orcibly closed by the remote host

    later i rectified the previous one ,now this is the error that i get


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