The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Watched The Dark Knight Rises in Blu-ray yesternight. In a word – entertaining. It’s got everything you’ll expected from a superhero movie. Performances are good throughout the movie other than being a bit melodramatic at some points but you gotta live with when you are going to watch a commercial action movie from Hollywood. There are certain things I noted while watching the movie – few inconsistencies in the storyline, lot of bullshit about how someone can get out of a deep pit, live commentaries from casual watchers in the movie when the actual situation can be shown (just to show how excited people are about something happening) like – “Look! There’s Batman! He is doing blah blah blah…”, sometimes the story is predictable and stereotype overacting by Bane in few places followed by his dumb death without much incident. However, these minor glitches don’t take the charm out the movie to be relished in a lazy weekend afternoon. The movie is lengthy (2:44 hrs) but never seems to be boring other than the melodramatic parts. It is quite overrated in IMDB though. It has never matched the quality of the previous two Batman movies. I gave it 8 out of 10. But once again, it’s a Christopher Nolan Batman movie! Everyone will enjoy it for sure.


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