Slax 7 RC1 available

You can download the RC1 of latest Slax from the links here. Seems like Tomas has planned some sort of commercialization by shipping it pre-installed on a 16 GB pendrive.  All the best to him with that! 😉


Downloaded the 64-bit variants. Tried to install on a FAT32 pendrive from Ubuntu and won’t run on it (which is expected). Formatted it to ext3 and after running the script and a reboot “Operating system not found”. Tried with Unetbootin and installation went through fine. But for some Godforsaken reason the data files have to be under /slax/ and boot failed. It’s hard-coded somewhere so editing the syslinux.cfg file of Unetbooting didn’t help either. As a last ditch effort I copied the extracted zipped contents as they are (under slax directory) in the pendrive in addition to the files already copied by Unetbootin. Finally I could get to KDE. Boot-up speed is average. But the performance of KDE 4 with all its bells and whistles is nowhere in comparison with what I get with SliTaz. It remains almost the same even after setting the least capabilities under Settings. Additionally I expected a 200 MB distro to detect my basic WiFi card (Wireless-N 1000 BGN) by default, which sadly Slax couldn’t! Though I understand this is still RC1.

After playing around for an hr or so I deleted both the downloaded files and formatted the pendrive. I shouldn’t have tried a KDE 4 based lightweight distro in the first place.


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