Google the latest information & other tips

google_compHere’s a small tip to optimize your Google searches by reducing the duration to search in case you haven’t noticed it yet (searching Google news is always there but I am speaking of any latest info on the web):

If you are looking for the latest information/news on some topic, for example Baseball, search Baseball in Google and in the search results page click on Show search tools on the left column and then select your preferred timeline. There are many other options below the time section to customize your results further.

Some nice tips:

  1. Instead of using site: for site specific search, you can simply use at.
  2. define is no longer required to find meanings of words.
  3. You can use AROUND(n), where n is numeric to search two terms separated by n words.
  4. Get results having synonymous words using ~ e.g. – ~good books.
  5. Middle-click on Google search result links to open them in new background tabs. This holds for any link. Tested on Firefox and Google Chrome.


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