View full resolution photos in Picasa (web)

google_compTime and again you see images in Picasa Explore section which are fascinating. But all you can do is try something like View Image in Firefox and see a smaller resolution of the image. Well, there is still a way to view the images in full resolution using Firefox. Try this:

  1. Click on the image in Explore section to open it in My Photos tab.
  2. Check the Photo information section for the horizontal resolution of the image. Let’s assume it is 3600.
  3. Click on Full screen to the top left of the image to open the image in slideshow viewer.
  4. Right click on the image in slideshow viewer and select View Image to view only the image in a tab.
  5. In the address bar you will find a path token just before the image name starting with s, like s1024 (e.g. – This is the horizontal resolution of the smaller image being shown in the slideshow viewer. Replace the resolution after s with the original resolution from step 2, for example, s3600 and refresh. You can view the image in original resolution now.

In a few cases the image does not load when you try the original horizontal resolution, specially when the resolution is uncommon, like 3651. In that case try a resolution like 2048; the in-built viewer resizes the image and renders it on the page.

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