The music night!

coffee_compThe weekends are becoming more and more dull. Nowadays Fridays give me nightmares 😉 – another loooong, lonely and boring weekend ahead… It’s not that I don’t have anything to do in weekends, I can wear off the time reading tech news, programming and blogging but the one thing I have started hating nowadays is the absence of a second person to talk to. Phone calls are always there but don’t seem sufficient after months of loneliness. So tonight I planned something new – a non-stop music night; listening, reading and exploring music. Grooveshark is my friend tonight and till now it’s been a great time! Read somewhere on the web that my favourite band Evanescence has plans to release their next album. Well! I’ll be damned Amy! 😉 Will be waiting…

The show is going on and seems it’s going to be a night-out…


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