Write Linux device drivers

driversSome good tutorials on how to write Linux device drivers (some are old but good for concept-building nonetheless):

The Free Electrons LXR (Linux Cross Reference) for referring the kernel source. However, I prefer ctags and cscope for lengthy source-code browsing sessions.

11 thoughts on “Write Linux device drivers”

  1. very good collection in one point ( like tar ) … this is very useful for all connecting with linux ….

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately my webcam does not work this that driver. I have a Creative Live Cam HD which has an on-board H.264 encoder. However, v4l2-ctl only shows getting an incoming feed of MJPEG so I’m trying to find a driver to support my webcam or I have to write my own.

        1. No problem! Check in the opensource webcam driver developer forums or mail an author directly. They should be able to guide you.

  2. nice collection , last two days i went so many links i didn`t get satisfied with any link finally i got this link and went all the links at last i went to lfy ” Linux Device Driver Series ” it`s awesome actually am a subscribed user of lfy 😉 but i did`t read that tutorials and i once again re-collected all the books now even i started and also completed 2 tutorials
    am really thanking to Arun……


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