Linux distros with UEFI support

tux_compPopular distros like Ubuntu, Fedora. OpenSUSE etc. come with UEFI support. But how about some relatively lightweight distros which can boot fast and live over USB and are useful for quick browsing sessions without saving anything on the disk? Unfortunately, support for UEFI is still not very common across Linux distros. There are hacks to make them work (like I did for Slitaz or ArchBang in the past) but normal users will definitely look for something that works out of the box. While I couldn’t find distros as light as Slitaz, I found some less than 800MB distros which work out of the box on UEFI devices. I have only tested x86_64 ISOs as UEFI is more common on 64-bit hardware. I tested on a UEFI VM and as there was no option to enable Secure Boot I can only claim that these work fine with Secure Boot disabled.

Semplice 6

Based on Debian Unstable and the desktop environment is Openbox.

Siduction 14.1.0

Once again based on Debian Unstable. Offers several desktop environment options like GNOME, KDE, LXDE, LXQt, Razor-qt, Xfce.

Slackel Live 6.0

Based on Slackware and Salix distros. Offers KDE and Openbox desktop environments.

This is a growing list. If you find any other lesser known Linux distro that works out of the box on UEFI devices please leave a comment and I will add it to the list.

Play chess online with friends or engines

chessLooking for a good chess website to play with friends or practice against powerful chess engines but do not want to create a permanent account? Here are two good options for you.


You have options to play with friends or against the powerful chess engine stockfish. You can also post seeks or accept seeks from others. If you want to play against a friend create a game and send him/her the link to join the game. Each game is unique and you can replay later. You can also adjust the strength of the stockfish engine when initiating a game against machine. The interface is clean and distraction free.


Shredder is a powerful game playing and analysis engine. You cna play against Shredder online in its website. There are three difficulty levels to choose from. As additional perks you can solve various chess problems or learn from endgame and opening databases.

Convert WEBP images from Google Play to JPG

image_editor_compWEBP file or Google Image file is the format in which Google stores images on Google Play. It is a relatively new format developed by Google after purchase of On2 technologies. Many applications do not recognize it yet. Though with Firefox on Linux you can save them directly as PNG, Google Chrome users can only save them as webp files on the disk. Here’s a way to convert and download webp files as jpg files:

  • Head on to online convert website for conversion to JPG. You can choose any other format if you wish.
  • Enter the URL of the image.
  • Set your preferences like image quality etc.
  • Press the Convert file button.
  • Download the image.

Simple, isn’t it?

Blue Ruin (2013)

Believe it or not, if you are a decent movie fan, you have watched Blue Ruin a number of times before, at least the theme of the movie – vengeance. But probably you haven’t seen the same kind of innocence in the protagonist before. The director has exploited Macon Blair’s acting capabilities and appearance to the maximum. We see a very familiar face, pale and troubled and searching for some comfort. And yet, it is just the external cover to an extreme urge to go to any limit to save the survivors of a horrible tragedy. Blair puts up a commendable performance. Music is awesome and matches the theme of the movie completely. Blue Rain is a well-tailored thriller with a straight storyline. It is not groundbreaking but will keep you at the edge of the seat most of the time. It has won a number of nominations and awards at various film festivals. My rating would be 7.5/10. Strictly for adults because of the violence and gore in the movie.

Tomi File Manager: quickly access files on Android

tomi_compThere are plenty of file managers available on Google Play. Most of them do the same things and some come with extra features like support for different archive types. However, being a smartphone user, I expect a file manager to have a clean interface and the ability to give me quick access to my files. Today I received an email from the Tomitools team to check out their file manager app for Android – Tomi File Manager with the capability to categorize and arrange files on your smartphone. To be frank, I am more than impressed by this smart app. The usual directory browser becomes a second preference with this app because it can instantly show your files grouped together by file type and sorted by applicable criteria. For example, you can sort the images by date of shooting (timeline) and documents by name, size, last modified time and type both in ascending or descending order. So you do not need to remember locations and change directories to reach the image you took 5 minutes back. Isn’t that cool? It can scan and organize music, pictures, videos, documents and apps. Feature highlights of Tomi File Manager:

  • Free Root Explorer (for rooted device) can change file owner, permissions, remount system as rw, edit several system files and manage them with root explorer.
  • Music Manager can set music as ringtone, sort music by songs, albums, artists and years, share songs via bluetooth, manage recordings, delete duplicate music.
  • Picture Manager can display pics by shooting date, show slideshow, hide pics, share on FB, send over WiFi, compress and share pics.
  • Video Manager can sort and share on Instagram and FB.
  • Document Manager cum editor cum viewer for text, list and group by type, send to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and other cloud storage. Supports PDF, Office Word, Office Excel, Office PowerPoint, Text, and etc.
  • Application Manager with advanced features in root mode.
  • Directory Manager and Folder Mount can hide files and directories, send to desktop etc.
  • Free disk space viewer by file types.
  • Free app.

I did find an issue with  screen rotation not working for images (and no option to rotate either). But when I contacted the team they welcomed the idea as that will give a better view in landscape mode.

On Google Play: Tomi File Manager


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